FRIDAY, October 27, 2017

7:30 am                                 REGISTRATION, CONTINENTAL BREAKFAST, EXHIBITS

8:20 am                                 WELCOME                  
                                               Barry J. Maron, MD
                                               Martin S. Maron, MD

8:25 am                                 Brief Introduction to HCM:
                                               Basic Principles & Prevalence     
                                               Barry J. Maron, MD

8:35 am                                 30 Years of HCM Genomics:
                                               Where Have We Been and Now Where Are We Going?
                                               Christine E. Seidman, MD

9:05 am                                 HCM & Genetic Testing Reports:
                                               Interpretation, Integration, Reclassification
                                               Christopher Semsarian, MD, PhD

9:40 am                                 Counterpoint:
                                               Novel Perspectives on Genetic Testing and Pathogenecity
                                               Isaac Kohane, MD, PhD

10:10 am                                BREAK

10:40 am                                Genotype Positive-Phenotype Negative: Is it a Disease?
                                               Michelle Michels, MD, PhD

11:10 am                                 Contemporary Imaging Diagnosis: CMR and the Phenotype:
                                               LVH, Aneurysms, Crypts, and Mitral Valve
                                               Ethan J. Rowin, MD

11:35 am                                 The Doug Wigle Lecture: Survival of Echocardiography for HCM
                                               in the Era of Advanced CMR Imaging
                                               Harry Rakowski, MD

12:10 pm                                LUNCHEON ADDRESS*     (Donald Teare Award)
                                              HCM--Reflections on the Discovery of a New Disease:
                                              Both Obstructive and Non-obstructive
                                              Eugene Braunwald, MD
                                              *Only 1 hour of CE offered for this address

1:30 pm                                 Great Debate: Risk Stratification Strategies
                                              for Reliable Identification of High-Risk Patients
                                              Albert Hagege, MD, PhD for ESC Guidelines vs.
                                              Steve Ommen, MD, for ACC/AHA Guidelines

2:20 pm                               The ICD: Prevention of Sudden Death in Children & Adults                                              Barry J. Maron, MD

2:55 pm                               What About the Sub-Q ICD?   
                                             and What You Should Know About Transvenous Leads
                                             N.A. Mark Estes III, MD

3:25 pm                               BREAK

4:00 pm                               Challenges of Risk Stratification with the Individual HCM Patient:
                                             Including Those Without Risk Factors
                                             Paolo Spirito, MD

4:30 pm                               HCM, CMR, and LGE: The Newest Risk Marker    
                                             Martin S. Maron, MD

5:05 pm                               Pathology of CMR:
                                             What Do the Novel Markers Mean to Pathologists? LGE & T1 Mapping
                                             Cristina Basso, MD

5:35 pm                               Sudden Cardiac Death in Young Athletes:
                                             A Pathologist’s Experience with the Causes:
                                             HCM, ARVC, and "Normal Hearts" and Implications for Screening
                                             Gaetano Thiene, MD

6:10 pm                                Debate: US vs. European Perspective
                                             on Cardiovascular Screening of Competitive Athletes
                                             Paul Thompson, MD, for US       
                                             Antonio Pelliccia, MD for Europe                  

6:45 pm                               ADJOURN

7:00 pm                               RECEPTION (Co-Sponsors: GeneDx & BluePrint Genetics)
                                             Cocktails & Reception-Style Dinner for Registrants & Faculty
                                             Lighthouse Ballroom
                                             Friday night, we invite all Summit attendees to join us for a reception in
                                             The Seaport Hotel’s Lighthouse Ballroom. Network with expert faculty
                                             members and fellow registrants while enjoying views of historic Boston
                                             Harbor and the city skyline.


SATURDAY, October 28, 2017

7:30 am                               CONTINENTAL BREAKFAST AND EXHIBITS

8:00 am                               Obstructive vs. Non-obstructive HCM: The Known vs. the Unknown
                                             Martin S. Maron, MD

8:35 am                               Heart Failure Management:
                                             End-Stage with or without Systolic Dysfunction: Transplant Indications
                                             Iacopo Olivotto, MD

9:10 am                                Diastolic Dysfunction in HCM: Forgotten, But Not Really
                                             W. J. Paulus, MD, PhD

9:40 am                               BREAK

10:15 am                              Pulmonary Hypertension in HCM: Overlooked, but Not Forgotten
                                            Bradley A. Maron, MD

10:45 am                            Atrial Fibrillation:
                                           Natural History/Management Including the Significance of Silent AF  
                                           Iacopo Olivotto, MD

11:20 am                             HCM Challenges in Pediatric Cardiology:
                                           Nomenclature, Syndromes, Management
                                           Jeffrey A. Towbin, MD

11:55 am                             The Phenocopies: Fabry Disease          
                                           Franco Cecchi, MD

12:30 pm                            LUNCHEON ADDRESS*
                                           The HCMA and Patient Advocacy        
                                           Lisa Salberg, HCMA Founder
                                           *no CE offered for this session

1:45 pm                              Mechanism(s) of Outflow Obstruction: How Our Interventions Work:
                                           Which Patients Might Be Selected for Earlier Surgery?
                                           Mark Sherrid, MD

2:20 pm                             Surgical Septal Myectomy: Historic Gold Standard
                                           with Low Operative Mortality, Long-Term Survival,
                                           & Reduced Sudden Death Risk—but Who Should Do It?
                                           Joseph A. Dearani, MD

2:55 pm                            European Perspectives on Operative Strategy:     
                                          The Innovation of Chordal Cutting
                                          Paolo Ferrazzi, MD

3:30 pm                            BREAK

4:00 pm                            Role of Alcohol Septal Ablation        
                                          Carey Kimmelstiel, MD

4:35 pm                            Anatomy of the Mitral Apparatus & Relevance
                                          to Septal Reduction Therapy
                                          Harry Lever, MD

5:05 pm                            Surgical Myectomy and Alcohol Septal Ablation:      
                                          Putting It All Together (2017)
                                          Steve R. Ommen, MD

5:40 pm                            How HCM Became a Contemporary Treatable Disease
                                          Based On 50 Years of Clinical Investigation: Lifetime Disease Burden
                                          Barry J. Maron, MD

6:15 pm                            ADJOURN

7:00 pm                           FACULTY DINNER** (Sponsor: Ambry Genetics - Cardiology)
                                         **Faculty only


SUNDAY, October 29, 2017

7:30 am                             CONTINENTAL BREAKFAST

8:00 am                             Myosin Modulator: A Novel Oral Treatment of Obstructive HCM
                                           Martin S. Maron, MD

8:25 am                             The Liberty Trial Story       
                                           Iacopo Olivotto, MD

8:50 am                             The VANISH Study: Is There a Role for Angiotensin Inhibitors in HCM?
                                           Carolyn Ho, MD

9:15 am                              Gene Editing in Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy    
                                           Stephen Heitner, MD

9:40 am                             Novel Percutaneous Therapy for LV Outflow Obstruction  
                                           Paul Sorajja, MD

10:05 am                            Exercise in HCM: How Much is OK—or Enough—and What Kind?
                                           Benjamin Levine, MD

10:30 am                            HCM in the Developing World        
                                           Hisham Ahamed, MD, DM

11:05 am                             The Future: Big Data and HCM               
                                           Joseph Loscalzo, MD, PhD

11:40 am                             Personalized Medicine and HCM: Do They Really Fit Together?  
                                           Euan Ashley, MD

12:15 pm                             EPILOGUE
                                           Martin S. Maron, MD

12:30 pm                            ADJOURN

Note: As this is an interactive event, a 5- to 10-minute Q&A period has been included in the program following each lecture.